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Carol Ho,Taiwan


Her Story

Even though I have been a Christian for a long time, I did not have a deep relationship with God. Upon losing my spouse and my parents, there was emptiness and lack of purpose deep within me. I was constantly hoping to find someone whom I can depend on, and I know I need the Word of God to equip myself. I already knew that I lack the knowledge of God’s Word, causing my mind and heart to be even more restless and anxious.

It was that time when Meihui invited me to sign up for the 2020 Fall DTS in Taichung. Through this course, I experienced the Lord’s grace, love, and healing, enabling my heart to find rest, as someone who is easily anxious I knew I needed to build my relationship with God one step at a time, in order for my numbed heart to slowly be restored; allowing the restoration of my emotions.

In YWAM, I slowly found myself opening up, believing that as I receive love I am also able to love people. Even though I was not able to experience it in ways like the past, I experienced the gentleness and loving-kindness in God’s love. God will restore and heal my heart, enabling me to live in God’s love every single moment. Praise the Lord! Experiencing restoration and healing has enabled me to also be a blessing to others!

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