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Discipleship Training School (DTS)

at YWAM Taichung is a five-month program blending classroom learning, small group activities, personal reflection, practical service, and community living. 


Most often, the training comes in two parts:
Lecture Phase and Outreach Phase.




"In the lecture phase, your focus will be on knowing God, His Word, and His world. You will seek transformation, a renewed mind, and personal growth. You’ll learn not only from teachers but also from community living and practical training."


The lecture phase engages the mind. It usually occurs onsite at a YWAM center and lasts eleven to twelve weeks. You will receive powerful teaching from motivating speakers and missionaries, meant to provoke, challenge, and encourage. Issues like hearing the voice of God, identity, sin, and forgiveness, and much more are discussed. Classroom time is a chance to build friendships and dig deeper into the questions we all have. 

Small groups &


Perhaps one of the most important parts of DTS is small groups and one-on-one discipleship. These times will allow you to process what you’re learning about God in a safe environment. One-on-ones are usually held with a DTS staff member, someone who is with you throughout the entire lecture phase. It is their goal to help you grow through mentorship and counsel.


Small groups are held with other DTS students. Here, you can see how your other classmates are being challenged as well. With discussions and personal input into what you’re learning, these are not only times to get to know your classmates better, but also a time to experience the change in others.

Practical work

A key part of character development is serving those around us. A part of DTS is working to keep the YWAM community functioning while teaching teamwork and dedication. Whether it is gardening, cleaning, reception, or something else, this side of DTS helps you become a part of the community of YWAM around you.

Local Ministry//


Personal transformation leads to the transformation of the community. You will have a chance to make a difference in the surrounding society through ministry and mini-outreaches. Whether it’s teaching the gospel, working on a community project, or praying for the town or city, your DTS staff will guide you every step of the way, equipping you to impact a neighborhood.


This kind of local ministry will also form part of your preparation for the DTS outreach phase.

Lecture Phase



"During the outreach phase, you will join with others to take the message and love of God across the world. You will have a chance to discover and exercise the giftings God has given to you as you care for people. You will also learn about the diversity of cultures and will participate in God’s purposes for the places you visit."

Field placement

The DTS outreach phase will give you the chance to apply the principles you learned during your DTS lecture phase. You can put all of your new perspectives into action by sharing God’s truth in different places all around the world. The goal is to share the love of God which you have experienced in your own life.


By the time outreach ends, you will have seen and experienced a lot of new things. This is why many DTSes hold a debrief time at the end of outreach. It is a time to regroup, share stories of how God moved, and process what God did through you and others during the DTS.

Your outreach


There are many kinds of locations for DTS outreach–a whole world, in fact! The staff team and students would usually come together in prayer on the outreach location to head to. We have been to places like Okinawa and Hong Kong. Due to COVID-19, in our last DTS in 2020, we had the honor to have our outreach locally around the different parts of Taiwan, including Kinmen Island! Take time to read/watch our testimonies by our graduated students from DTS!

Outreach Phase
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