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Her Story

Falling into the pit of Depression and SAD (Social Anxiety Disorder) at the age of 15, she started questioning her worth; searching for a reason to live.


Over a decade later, God called her out to Him and her life which she had once thought was hopeless finally found meaning. Responding to His call was life-changing and without a doubt still is for her right now. The impossible He had turned into possible miracles are what have been an assurance and encouragement for her to continue stepping out by faith in where she believed He is leading — one of them being the recent Discipleship Training School 2022.


Through the training, she experienced God in a greater measure than she ever did before. It may still be a continual fight for her in the battle of Depression and SAD but she is freed from being in the bondage of them. From that moment, she knew she has been activated to live life no longer tied by fears but one with Godfidence. She now desires her life in all of its brokenness to reflect the beauty of His, influencing the ones around her with the Hope she found in the person of Jesus Christ, her faithful friend and the Savior of her soul.

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