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Adelaine Yee, Singapore


Her Story

From the day I received Jesus Christ into my life, I began to experience God’s power changing my life - from a rebellious and suicidal thoughts kind of person to one who has a purpose in living. He is the reason I live. It is so good to have God in my life, I told myself. Ever since I have been praying that the world would also get to receive Jesus as their Saviour. From then on, God has set a spark of evangelism and missions in my heart.

However, along my journey with God, I realized that I myself was wounded and was weighed down by the past events in my life. I needed a long break badly but also had a desire in my heart to know more about missions. Thereafter God sent someone to share about YWAM, and I did my DTS in 2019 in Singapore. This verse was given to me as an affirmation: “For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.” Matthew 16:25

During my rebellious period, I did not like to study, so I grew up with a lack of knowledge and communication skills, but God graciously gave me the gift and interest in art as a form of communication.

I think of myself still being an incomplete person - with hurts, fear and insecurities within me. So I thought of taking art and healing class before staffing with YWAM, but God led me in other ways and affirmed His calling for me to staff with YWAM Taichung for their DTS, and here I am.

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