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Li Qingyun,Singapore


Her Story

As a young believer, God has placed a unique burden in Qingyun’s heart for overseas missions.


Having travelled to several countries over the years like Vietnam, New Zealand, and Taiwan for short-term missions trips while working full-time as a college teacher, Qingyun began to seek the Lord for open doors to participate in longer-term overseas missions.


With several confirmations from God, God deviated her initial plans and directed her to YWAM Taiwan for Discipleship Training School (DTS), completing her DTS in 2020 in Taichung.

The Lord has been doing healing and restoration in Qingyun’s life, enriching her journey with the beauty of God’s love. Her pleasant personality and sensitive soul also draw people to her, allowing the love of God to minister to the broken-hearted. She also enjoys worshipping the Lord through playing the guitar and doing administrative work.

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