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Stacy Lee,Taiwan


Her Story

She was born in a traditional Taiwanese faith family, looking for the answer to life.2005-2006,it was God’s plan that brought her to YWAM (Kona, Hawaii) to be a Mission Builder. There, she heard the gospel and accepted God to be her Lord in her life. Afterward, she took DTS in YWAM (Kona, Hawaii)and went on outreach in Australia and Fiji. During the process, she found the key answer to life—LOVE.

In 2007, God gave her a clear vision to find an English cram school in Chunghua. She offers up this place to God to be a place where she can spread the gospel seeds to her students and employees and a place for the outreachers to share love with people here.

In 2014, God brought her to meet MeiHui to found YWAM Taichung in an amazing way. Along with her serving God all the way, she gives thanks to God’s abundant love and grace for her to witness God’s glory and she looks forwards to seeing God’s kingdom fall upon Taiwan to save more souls in need.  

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